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When you apply to a university in the Netherlands, you are often required to provide a resume, or Curriculum Vitae, CV. It is a short autobiography where you tell to admission officers about yourself, your previous education, work and life experience, languages, and hobbies. Here you can find an example of resume for a prospective student applying. A professional and well-written CV is often the first and therefore essential part of the application procedure. Your CV is the first piece of information that the University you're applying to is receiving, so you need to make sure that you leave a good first impression. Keep in mind that an application officer will pay attention to a wide range of aspects and that he will be most capable about drawing conclusions himself whether you are fit for the program you're applying for While filling out the application form you will be asked to upload a CV. Although the application form refers to a curriculum vitae, at PPLE we ask you to provide us with a timeline of your educational background. We are not looking for a multipage CV as if you were to apply for a job position. The main purpose of the CV is to provide the PPLE Admissions Office with an overview of your educational background When it comes to a CV, every country has its own style and preferences; some countries insist on a photo, others your date of birth and some prefer to know your work history first, whilst others want to discover your educational credentials at a glance. Much like the Dutch themselves, a CV in the Netherlands should be to the point and concise. It should be factual and no more than two pages long. Dutch employers do like to see that you value your out of work time, so showing leisure.

You can write a profile at the top of the CV, just below your personal details. This profile tells the reader about your motivation and ambitions in 3 or 4 sentences. An effective profile conveys enthusiasm, leaving prospective employers in no doubt that you will be a motivated employee. Avoid descriptions that could apply to any applicant. Be brave enough to reveal who you really are and what makes you different. Your CV will be more convincing if you include a number of references. Write an appealing CV. Pay extra attention when choosing letter fonts and avoid dense writing. Use bullet points instead of long paragraphs. Dutch recruiters highly value extracurricular and leisure activities. Nevertheless, include only those that are relevant to the job you are applying for (e.g. being good in team sports reveals team spirit)

Preparing your qualifications for your job application; Writing a Dutch CV. The CV you used back home might not be suitable in the Netherlands if it's not in the style of a Dutch CV. Like Dutch communication, your Dutch CV should be short and to the point, typically one page for an entry-level job and no more than two pages. Dutch employers also value work-life balance, so you need to dedicate space to extracurricular activities and leisure activites to show what you do outside. If you are a non-EU/EEA national already living in the Netherlands, upload copies of both sides of your Dutch residence permit. Your CV (curriculum vitae) must be written in English and should contain your basic personal data, as well as a clear overview of your educational and professional history to date Always adapt your letter (and CV) to the language of the ad, even if you are a Dutch speaker applying for a job offered in English. If neither Dutch nor English is your mother tongue, have your. A curriculum vitae (CV) written for academia should highlight research and teaching experience, publications, grants and fellowships, professional associations and licenses, awards, and any other details in your experience that show you're the best candidate for a faculty or research position advertised by a college or university The Dutch CV is written with a clear, objective style, in chronological order and usually in just 1 page (A4 format). It basically consists of just facts and numbers. The reasons why the candidate is looking for a job and his or her skills for the position should be mentioned in the cover letter, not the CV. CVs should be printed and written in the third person

It would be very much appreciated if somebody could take a look at my CV for university application and suggest any corrections. Thank you . Everything looks lined up in my word document, I had a bit of trouble trying to copy it here... Personal details - name, surname, address, mobile phone, e-mail. Educatio Leiden University Career Zone. Curriculum Vitae (CV) Make a good first impression! Employers need only a maximum of five seconds to gain a first impression and form an opinion on the basis of your CV. A well-structured CV provides an employer, at a glance, with a clear, logical and appealing picture of you. Make the most of this opportunity! Watch this video to learn more. CV DO's & DON'ts. How to write a Chronological CV in the Netherlands. A chronological resume is a general CV that you upload on jobboards or send to recruitment agencies as an introduction to your career past. Below you'll find how the chronological CV is built up in Holland. If you are applying for a specific vacancy, it is reasonable to prepare a functional CV A Dutch curriculum vitae is a lot like the culture: direct and to the point. When comparing my American CV to my Dutch CV, the Dutch CV looks almost naked. Then again, my American CV looks over-the-top enthusiastic and self-promoting, almost exaggerated. So it's just a matter of perspective and what works. In the Dutch work environment.

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Cover letter in Holland. The cover letter is not necessarily an integral part of your job application in Holland. You can use the passage 'Personal profile' in your CV to reflect your experience and objectives. If the companies requires a cover/ motivation letter it should refer to your present and future plans, showing your prospective. You will need to apply for these programmes through Studielink, the central university registration system of the Netherlands. Application is open from 1 October until 15 January. If the number of students who apply for a programme exceeds the number of available places, a selection procedure will take place between 15 January and 15 April. Applicants participating in the selection procedure.

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  1. Studielink is the national website created for students to arrange their enrolment (and re-enrolment) at Dutch universities and other institutions of higher education. In order to apply to Utrecht University, you have to start an enrolment request in Studielink first. If you live in the Netherlands, use your DigiD to log into Studielink
  2. All applications to Higher Education institutes in the Netherlands start in Studielink. Both the University and the Dutch government obtain their information from Studielink, so it is vital that your personal information is accurate and always up to date. How to use Studielink. Studielink asks for your background information, your previous education, the subjects that you've taken, your grades.
  3. Here you can find various CV examples with different layouts. It is important that you choose one layout which feels authentic to yourself. We are also happy to support you with the preparation of professional application documents in our workshops or in individual counselling sessions. www.hsgcareer.ch|csc@unisg.ch
  4. The CV, or curriculum vitae, is a list of accomplishments that, in the United States, is commonly used to secure jobs in academia in lieu of a resume. A CV may be required to gain admission to a.

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  1. University of Twente Admissions Deadline . The full-time academic session at the University of Twente begins in February and September, typical of the admission cycle of Universities in Netherlands. The students may apply for up to one year in advance for early decision.During COVID-19, the application deadlines are postponed
  2. Top CV Builder, Build a Free & Perfect CV with Ease. Start now
  3. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science charges an application fee of €100 for students applying to a Master's programme with a non-Dutch diploma. The University of Twente can only review your file if this fee has been received before the application deadline. In case you want to apply to more than one programme from this faculty, you will need to pay the fee for each programme application

Required application documents. a copy of a valid passport or European ID card; a Dutch residence permit (if applicable) a CV (résumé) Copies of diplomas and transcripts Digital copies are required initially. Once you have been admitted, we will tell you how to submit certified copies to the Admissions Office The Europass CV is a standard CV template widely used in Europe. No matter you intend to study in Europe as an exchange, full-degree or PhD student, or even work while staying with us in Europe, the Europass CV will help you communicate in a compelling and concise manner your academic and work history

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Belgium has three official languages: Dutch, French, and German. it's essential that you write your application in the correct language. Except in the Belgian capital Brussels, most Flemings would not appreciate being addressed in French, or Walloons in Dutch. In general, write your CV in Belgium in the same language as the job advertisement Applying for bachelor's programs in Denmark is quite easy. Simply create an account on Optagelse.dk , where you will be given the chance to indicate your personal data, previous education information as well as list the study programs you are interested in. Optagelse.dk is an electronic joint application system created by the Danish Ministry of Education The Colloquium Doctum is a special and strict admission procedure for prospective students who: Are not directly admissible to a university program because of their diploma. As per 1 September are 21 years or older. Have a Dutch educational background and have sufficient communication skills in Dutch

Simak paparan ini dalam acara Interactive Seminar: Step by Step Study in Holland - Composing Resume/CV for Your University Application yang akan dibawakan oleh Mila Muthia (MSc Hydrology - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) University of Technology Please be aware that we only will start to assess your application when your online application form has been submitted before the deadline, with upload of all required documents including proof of payment of the application fee. What you need to upload for a Bachelor program application Upload in Osiris: If you already have your High school diploma & final grades. Admission and application; Bachelor's degree programmes; Master's degree programmes; Chat with our ambassadors; Minor Programmes; A Broader Mind. Course; Longitudinal Survey; The Boardroom. Application; Experiences; Projects; Programme; Interdisciplinary Community Service Learning; Mixed Classroom; Network for Teaching and Learning; Plan for.

Here we go: The Perfect German CV! Tip 1: DESIGN-When creating your German CV, it is important to structure it in a way that is appears attractive to the eye of the reader - make your resume easy to look through. Recruiters usually don´t take more than 7-12 seconds to check if a candidate matches the job requirements - that´s the awful truth. Remember that a CV is your very own Marketing tool which supposed to show off your skills and experience AT FIRST GLANCE (think of a brochure of. Standard formula used to tell the employer that your résumé / CV is included with the cover lette What every internship application will ask for however is a CV, so it's important that you put an attractive internship CV together, to make sure you stand out to potential employers. Your internship CV should contain six main sections. Personal Details. There's a reason school teachers told you to write your name at the top of every sheet of paper so that you don't forget to put it. The applications can be submitted at the VFS Netherlands Visa Application Centers in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Jalandhar with prior appointment. You can also apply for an MVV through your host university, each of which will have their own application fees (anywhere from €250 to €350)

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  1. Important to know: The deadline to apply via Studielink and complete your application file is 15 January 2021, 23:59 CET.; You have to fill out an international classroom essay and upload a cv, certified statement of grades, supporting documents, and disclaimer in standard templates. Start your application on time. If you wait until the deadline to apply, you might be short in time to correct.
  2. If the student passed the Gaokao entrance exam and has obtained admission to 1. a First Class University from the Double First Class initiative 2. A former 'Project 211' University, the student's level is considered to be equivalent to the pre-university Dutch VWO diploma
  3. The importance of presentation in your LLM CV. The format of your CV should reflect your intended audience. If you are applying to US employers, make sure your CV (called a resume in America) is presented in a US-friendly format. The same applies if you are applying to employers in the UK or in other parts of Europe or the world. Different countries have differing expectations around how long a CV should be, whether your education should come first or last, and if you should include your.

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  1. Start With Preparing a CV. If you have been employed outside of academia, you have probably used resumes for your job-seeking. That's nice, but nor very helpful in this particular. For academic positions, you will have to prepare a CV, a much more comprehensive document that focuses on your educational, research, and other notable accomplishments. You will also provide far more detail of the.
  2. ology: In Germany, a CV is called a Lebenslauf. CV Format, Order and Layout
  3. I saw in several developed countries such as The Netherlands and Belgium, the mathematics degree-holders not only have many opportunities but also were cited as important scholar in their societies. As a student at XXXX Department faculty of XXX of XXX University, I had numerous opportunities to do many activities. From XXX to XXX I had chances to become a lecturer assistant in mathematics and.
  4. There are some similarities between the admissions process for Dutch and British universities but it is safer to say there are also some major differences. 1. When do you apply? The admissions calendar usually opens in September or October for the following year. The closing date for submitting an application varies per course at a Dutch University. There are usually different deadlines for EU and non-EU applicants. Please see ou
  5. If a prospective employer has 300 CVs to go through in just an hour, they won't read everything - they will skim over the basic details. Make sure to keep each section separate; use page titles and keep your CV simple and clean. If you go over two pages, that third page will most likely never be read, so put the most important information on the first page. Our CV Templates: CV 1: Detailed.
  6. Just fill in the DAAD application form for Research Grants and Study Scholarships once you have made it clear which course of study is your first choice and which one is your second. For both university courses that you select, write a single letter of motivation, justifying your first and second option of priority. Send to the two universities of your choice the DAAD scholarship form along with the letter of motivation and accompanied with the necessary documents listed below. Don't.

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It can be used in CV's or when applying for university entry or even in workplaces. The primary objective of the statement of purpose is selling you to the reader for the purpose of winning whatever your application talks about. The aim of writing a personal statement is to differentiate you from other people in a similar application category leaving the reader with a great impression. Studielink is the national application system used by all Dutch Universities. It is not possible to apply outside of this system. In Studielink you can apply for a maximum of 4 courses in total in the Netherlands. Your application will remain active for 8 weeks after creating your Studielink account. To keep it active after this period, you. German HR departments expect that your CV will be Short and Simple. Recruiters usually 7 to 12 seconds read a CV to check if a candidate matches the job requirements. It's not a joke. A few seconds have an impact on Your job career. Write your CV - so that it fits the German standard! We have prepared a few tips. How to write/create an effective CV. Ready examples. So we start

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Here are some general guidelines that will help you decide when to send a photo with your CV: YES, Include a Photo. European countries (except Ireland, UK, Netherlands and Sweden) China; Japan; Employers expect to see a photo included with the CV in these countries. In fact, your application might be ignored without one As part of the application process, you may also be required to submit additional documents such as your personal statement, CV and references. You may also need to attend a PhD interview . You should find your potential supervisor by browsing current PhD opportunities or searching individual university websites When you're filling out your Bachelor's applications, you'll notice that universities and degree programmes will ask for additional materials, like writing samples, transcripts, CVs, and recommendations. And, more often than not, schools will ask for personal statements, or motivation letters Like most Dutch universities, the University of Amsterdam does not have a campus, and demand for student housing in Amsterdam is high. To assist international students in finding appropriate accommodation, the university has signed agreements with various housing corporations. These corporations offer furnished accommodation to students for one or two semesters only MScBA Business Analytics & Management (application CLOSED) 175. 175 (application closed on 6 December 2020) 9 January, 2019 MScBA Master in Management (English, Full-time) (application CLOSED) 200. 200 (application closed on 8 February 2021) 5 March, 2020 MScBA Master in Management (Dutch, Part-time) 192. 72. 15 May, 202

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  1. You might also find motivation letters for university applications being called personal statement letters. But a motivation letter is not the same as a personal statement. The difference is in how long the letter is supposed to be and its intention. Usually, personal statements are more personal and refer to the past, while motivation letters have personal elements, but are focused on future.
  2. These personal statement examples have all been written by international students applying for university courses in the UK. If you need a little extra help, please look at our Personal Statement Editing Services. Physics Personal Statement (International Student) Some people believe there is no universal key to the mysteries of the world, but I am convinced otherwise. Since early childhood.
  3. One or two page CV Research statement of 1500 words (See above) Degree transcript(s) issued by your university listing the exams/courses taken at university, grades/marks awarded and (if applicable) the final degree result. You should also attach your degree transcript(s) from previous degree(s). Do not attach or send supplementary documents.

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Studielink is open for applications for the academic year 2021-2022, you can submit your application. 15 January 2021: Early Application Deadline (assessment on a rolling basis) 1 April 2021: Ultimate deadline for non-EU/EEA-students who need a VISA or residence permit: 1 May 2021: Ultimate deadline for EU/EEA-student Applications for PhD study are different to other university courses. For one thing, you won't be applying to a course. Instead you'll be seeking to show that you're the right candidate to fill an advertised PhD position, or complete the research project you've proposed.. The articles here are designed to help you do that Netherlands. Job field Marketing End Date--CURRENT VACANCY 1. Account Manager - Distributive Trade. Sri Lanka. Job field Customer Development End Date--CURRENT VACANCY 2021 Graduate Finance Program. United States of America. Job field Finance End Date--CURRENT VACANCY 2023卒カスタマーディベロップメント職インターンシップ選考 . Japan. Job field Customer Development.

Much like preparing your CV, Bachelor and language certificates, the motivation letter is an integral component of modern application requirements. And while it feels like it is more relatable to the world of jobs, reality shows that a large proportion of Masters admissions depend on the content of your motivation letter. As challenging as it sounds, the preparation of this type of documentary. Motivation Letter For University/College: The letter of cover or the statement which is personal is also being termed as another word for the motivational letter.Coming to the letter of motivation, this letter includes each and every content regarding you and your past and your future goals and dreams, about the way you behave, that is your personality and behavior and also your field of interest Radboud University has a Guesthouse that is situated on campus on the Heyendaalseweg (Platolaan) and is intended for new staff, guest researchers, and guest lecturers from the Netherlands and abroad; it is particularly suitable for international guest researchers and lecturers. It forms part of a larger residential complex the Student Housing Association built in close consultation with the.

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As we know that motivation letter is the most essential document that is compulsory while applying for scholarships, university, job, etc. So it is helpful for an aspirant and of course people searching for a job. As you are very well aware of Erasmus (or European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) is a student exchange program organized by the European Union. Our CV builder helps you change your CV for each job application: CV builder; Two types of CV. There are two main types of CV. Skills-focused CV - useful for career changers, school leavers or people with gaps in work history. Work-focused CV - useful for showcasing work experience and for people progressing to the next stage in their career. Use our skills-focused or work-focused CV. When you're preparing for a study experience abroad, whether as an exchange student for a semester or two, or for completing a full Bachelor's or Master's degree, you need to go through an extensive 'paperwork' process.The transcript of records is one of those important documents you'll have to take care of and make sure the information is properly filled in

one or two page CV; research proposal of 2500 words (See above) degree transcript(s) issued by your university listing the exams/courses taken at university, grades/marks awarded and (if applicable) the final degree result. You should also attach your degree transcript(s) from previous degree(s). Do not attach or send supplementary documents. Visa application form, duly dated and signed with attached passport-size pictures; Passport, showing my travel experience; Travel Insurance, coverage of €30,000; E-ticket reservation for my flight via LH for New Delhi - Frankfurt - New Delhi [June 2-June 28, 2017] Hotel reservations for our holidays in the Netherlands and Franc You will generally want to tailor your cover letter to the position you are applying for: this is not a one size fits all situation. Like I said about the Dutch CV, the cover letter is also rather direct and I try to avoid using a lot of overly-enthusiastic American-style language. But this does not in any way mean that you shouldn't express your enthusiasm for the position you are applying for. What it does mean is that the way you go about doing that will be a little different. I'll be.

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University student CV / Graduate. Download CV template . Why this CV is effective. As a graduate, you are competing against lots of other similar candidates to land graduate jobs and internships - so it's important to get your CV (curriculum vitae) right and make it stand out from the pack. The personal statement / profile. As a graduate, it's vital to make recruiters stick to your CV. You obtained a Dutch VWO high school diploma. Exemptions can only be confirmed once the MBA Admissions Committee has received and reviewed your full application file. An international outlook. The ability to work in multicultural and multidisciplinary teams. Personal skills and qualitie I hadn't realized until that point that the term CV doesn't have the same meaning to some people. In some contexts, the technical difference between a CV and a resume actually matters. A resume is typically much shorter than a CV, only one or two pages long, and contains the most relevant information only. A CV is often longer, being as many pages as necessary to convey your experience and background, and is more appropriate in an academic context. If you're applying for grad school or fo

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CV samples for work in Denmark. When searching for work in Denmark it is important to do as the Danes do and provide information in the style as expected by HR people in Denmark. We have collected some CV/resume samples here. All samples we have found are in Danish, but which you can easily translate with google translate. Denmark-style CV samples in English don't seem to be much en vogue, which might be a signal that it is best to apply in Danish. Who knows Writing an effective personal statement for a Master's or PhD application for a university abroad is probably one of the most important steps of your application process abroad. It represents both a chance for you to introduce yourself to the admission committee of the institution, but also to present your thesis or research goals you plan to achieve during your studies. Read key tips for. Once you've decided on the department(s) and supervisor(s) you are going to contact and apply to, it is likely you will need to submit an academic CV as part of your application. For a PhD position, an academic CV is usually required to demonstrate your ability to undertake a PhD. A CV which is used when applying for a PhD position varies from a standard CV or resume used when applying for a conventional job Radboud University is a student-centered university in The Netherlands, active in almost all scientific fields. In an open climate and inspiring environment we challenge employees and students to push their boundaries On my opinion, you can try the following: 1) expand the geography of your opportunities (do not waste your time); 2) If you really want a particular university, apply for a master degree in one.

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The Dutch experiments found no differences in job offers between minority and majority candidates—regardless of whether their applications were treated anonymously . This finding could indicate that, even with standard applications, discrimination against minority and disadvantaged applicants occurs predominantly when deciding about interview invitations and might not be very substantial at the job offer stage. The effects on job offer rates for women were not analyzed Beim CV gibt es große Unterschiede zwischen Europa und den USA: applying my experience as the co-founder of a student-run marketing firm and my Bachelor's degree in Media Sciences Sie nennt im Beispiel-CV nicht den genauen Namen der Position, auf die sie sich bewirbt, sondern sagt, wo sie generell hin möchte. Dies sollte natürlich mit der Stelle korrespondieren - bei einer. Your CV should only contain information relevant to your potential employer. So that means, what should be in your cv can differ per application. However, the bare minimum of details on your cv should at least include; Personal details Of course, your new employers should be able to contact you for a job interview. Therefore, you always start by mentioning your full name and email address and (mobile) phone number. Also mention your place of residence and address, as an employer might prefer.

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The personal statement for a CV, otherwise known as a personal profile, professional profile or career objective, is an important part of a CV that many job seekers get wrong. It's worth pointing out that this type of personal statement is very different to the personal statement that you might write for something like a university application For application for the academic year 2021-2022, the TOEFL Special Home Edition will be accepted. Required scores: 100 with minimum subscores of 20. IELTS Academic: 7,0 with minimum subscores of 6,0 C2 Proficiency or C1 Advanced: minimum overall score of 185 In all cases, test scores older than two years are no longer considered valid by EUC You will have to create an account with Studielink and complete the application before this date. Once the university has been notified of your application, you will be sent further details of the next steps you need to take, assuming you meet the minimum entry requirements. It is likely that the next step will involve the submission of a motivation letter and a CV, as well as any specific application form for your chosen course University of Kent Student FAQs The Careers and Employability Service remains open, though in a virtual capacity. Students. Students can still view vacancies, book appointments for a CV/application review, have a mock interview or receive Careers Guidance. This is all bookable through Target Connect. Find part time wor

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In-person and online events that bring together universities, experts and more. Find an event for your city. University Rankings . Compare top universities from around the world by subject, destination and more. See more . Find a course. Narrow down your university search by answering a series of focused questions. Try our course matching tool. Featured University. University of Edinburgh. The name of the company or University you are applying to and its address; The date; Dear Sir/Madam (directly address the person/manager/hiring director if it's known) The body of the paper; Sincerely; Signature (signed with a pen, not typed format) How to write a Motivation Letter

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A CV contains all the data on yourself that are important for a potential new employer. You are, as it were, subtly selling yourself, with strengths being highlighted and any shortcomings being pushed somewhat into the background. Because this is a personal document, all CV´s are different. They do, however, contain a number of fixed parts that come up in every one, such as personal details and education On 22 April 2021 the People's Republic of Bangladesh and the Kingdom of the Netherlands held a round of virtual Foreign Office Step 1: shops and outdoor seating at restaurants and cafés will partially reopen; evening curfew lifte

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Create professional resumes, CV and bio-data online for free, in minutes. Simply fill in your details and generate beautiful PDF and HTML resumes The Western Balkans' key developmental needs and commercial potential in key Dutch priority sectors such as agriculture, water, energy, textile and IT, make the region an interesting region for Dutch trade and investment. Doing business in the Gulf Region. Trade between Holland and the GCC region has increased remarkably and the trend is continuing. Holland responds to the increasing trade and. In this case, putting your English skills on your CV is superfluous. Be honest. When writing your CV, it is important to show your best side and not be afraid to present your accomplishments. Because of this, people are sometimes tempted to exaggerate their skills. However, not being truthful about your language skills will always hurt you in a professional context. Even if you do land an interview using a false claim, the hiring manager will find out at the interview, or you will. Do not repeat what is already written in the application form or CV - this one is very important to keep in mind as the admission officers will receive many motivational letters from many candidates and if you repeat yourself it will become tiresome. Try to place yourself in their position! You might notice that you need to be either more creative, interesting, or bold in your motivational letter Interest in your chosen Masters or P.hD. and university - a personal reason for applying and knowing about the history and reputation of the study programme and institution. In other words, you have to focus on some facts and figures and evade unnecessary information with no clear and exact connection to your study choice. READ ALSO: How to Write Scholarship Motivation Letter. How to Write A.

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Create a unique CV. Because you are unique, your CV must be too. That's why Express CV offers a wide selection of CV templates that you can easily customise. Presentation of the CV, colours, headings, sections titles... our online CV creation site offers you numerous customisation possibilities to create the CV which best suits you Check the Statement of Application Record when it's sent back to you for any errors; The CAO provides an application pack with a handbook, which lists all the courses on offer and full information on how to apply. Applications can be submitted online. Offers. Offers are issued on a weekly basis until mid-October and vacancies are full. You must accept an offer by the reply date on the offer notice Since you are reading this, I assume you are gearing up for the application round of the foreign universities and colleges. While preparing the application kit, most of the applicants struggle to write a good statement of purpose (SOP), which is a mandatory component of the application process. Although the SOP is required mainly for the MS, MBA and PhD admissions, colleges sometimes also ask for SOP for undergraduate admissions Battista from Italy wanted to study in Ireland. Because he didn't know about the centralised university application system there (CAO), he missed the deadline for applications and had to wait until the following academic year. That meant he had an unplanned gap year, instead of going straight to university after finishing school Northumbria University Alumni Association ensures our graduates stay in touch with news from the University and fellow alumni. With membership of over 216,000 graduates in 175 countries worldwide; it doesn't matter where you are located or what you are doing, YOU are our global alumni family. Its free to join for graduates of Northumbria University and our constituent colleges

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